Sébastien Richard was born on December 18th, 1972

  • 1984 – signs up for private classes in an artist’s workshop;
  • 1986 – studies the technique of oil painting landscapes and still life, with a palette knife;
  • 1988 – is accepted at a School of Art in Paris where he studies for 3 years;
  • 1991 – passes his first series of exams and is awarded 1st place in art and technical drawing;
  • 1993 – first solo exhibition;
  • 2005 – is awarded the Lions Club Laureate prize and is registered as a member of the prestigious Maison d ’Artiste – the highly regarded and respected Artist Association of France. He also publishes his very first book of drawings on the rich sceneries of Burgundy;
  • 2006 – his paintings are permanently exhibited in galleries in the cities of Chagny, Montceau les Mines and he publishes a second book of drawings of the Alsace region. He also participates in exhibits throughout France, from Beaune (Burgundy) to Obernai (Alsace) and at the Ritz Hotel in Paris;
  • 2007 – is awarded the Bronze Medal from the Salon SIAPPE (Salon Indépendant d’Arts Plastiques de Perpignan), a highly respected art exhibit; also exhibits at the Paris autumn salon;
  • 2008 and 2009 – exhibits in Luxembourg and France; is awarded the prestigious Prix du Castellet;
  • 2012 – S. Richard opens his studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, after spending a year exploring the country.

Through these life changes he has gained experience that enhances his work. “The artist must not remain in his comfort zone. The evolution of his body of work is necessary and he must strive for balance”, says Sébastien.

Lately, he travels frequently to California, where scenes of daily life inspire him; the exploration of motion becomes his new quest. Characters come alive; the picture is no longer a single image but a moment of life. S. Richard continues to paint with a palette knife but he also uses a brush that gives a softness to the skin of his characters. Blue is often present and light permeates his large format canvases.

We join the artist at play and our imagination is imbued with the moment he gives us. 2015 rings in a new visual direction for Sébastien Richard.

Sébastien Richard is known for his scenes of daily life as well as for his landscapes. His work is classical; his touch contemporary. During his childhood, he spent a number of years in artists’ workshops before pursuing his studies at an art school in Paris. There, he learned numerous techniques, including hand-drawn mapping, using a fountain pen. This enabled him to develop a precision that he now blends seamlessly with his talented work using a palette knife, which he appreciates for the spontaneity of each stroke.

His first exhibition was in 1993 and he has not stopped painting since then. In 2001, he began to gain recognition throughout his country as his work appeared in various galleries and exhibitions. On several occasions he won People’s Choice awards.

Sébastien Richard does not try to shock or jolt the viewer with works out of tune with his own character. Instead, what he likes above all is to interpret the emotions he feels when he first observes his subjects, and then present them like a gift on a blank canvas. Without any doubt, his subjects reflect the image of the artist himself. Indeed, he is a contemporary yet timeless soul; continually evolving and growing through his art. He paints our daily lives, our planet … from Provence to New York by way of Egypt or tropical islands … then steps back to allow us to enter his universe.